At Dickman, Epelbaum & Dickman, you will find a small, family oriented,
high skilled group of trial lawyers, paralegals and support personnel who
have dedicated their lives to aggressively pursue and protect the legal
rights of innocent victims of corporate and individual negligence.  At our
law firm, we have represented hundreds of individuals and families whose
lives have been tragically affected by the negligence of automobile
manufacturers, physicians, hospitals, trucking companies, manufacturers
of products and other negligence.
Areas of Expertise
Our commitment to you as your lawyer is simple and straight forward.  We will
zealously represent you and your family and we are bound by a common commitment
to uphold the highest ethical, technical and professional standards of practice in the
field of legal advocacy.  

Manny Epelbaum has been with our firm for 28 years as an attorney and is now a
partner with the firm.  He is one of many long term employees with whom we work
with.  Since our law firm must deal on a daily basis with the worst possible personal
tragedies visited on our clients, we maintain a close knit family oriented practice so that
we can support the victims and their loved ones whom we represent.  Through our
longevity, we have gained the experience and anticipate the many problems families
encounter when a loved one is seriously injured or dies as a result of a third party’s
negligence.  We not only pursue our legal duties as your attorneys but we are always
conscious of the human side of the tragedies that we litigate.  As an attentive and
experienced staff we know how to address the many problems encountered by our
clients on a daily basis caused by a wrongful death or catastrophic injury to a family

The vast majority of the cases that we handle are referred to us by other lawyers and
law firms who are aware of our trial expertise and experience in complex and
expensive litigations.  Over the past 38 years, we have recovered hundreds of millions
of dollars on behalf of plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death cases.  One of
the primary focuses of our experience has been in litigating obstetrical and pediatric
negligence cases.  We are well experienced and trained in dealing with the special
issues associated with these type of victims, children.  Our long term approach has
seen many success stories were few have been expected.  We have learned that
helping children in great need has many fulfilling results when done with sensitivity,
kindness and perseverance.
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 Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

 Medical Malpractice
 Premises Liability

 Negligent Security

Automobile Negligence

 Products Liability
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