The vast majority of the cases that we handle are referred to us by other lawyers and
law firms who are aware of our trial expertise and experience in complex and
expensive litigations.  Over the past 38 years, we have recovered hundreds of
millions of dollars on behalf of plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death
cases.  One of the primary focuses of our experience has been in litigating
obstetrical and pediatric negligence cases.  We are well experienced and trained in
dealing with the special issues associated with these type of victims, children.  Our
long term approach has seen many success stories were few have been expected.  We
have learned that helping children in great need has many fulfilling results when
done with sensitivity, kindness and perseverance.

  At the end of the day, if you retain our law firm to represent you as a result of
injury or death to a loved one, the ultimate factor will be the result that you can
expect.  Our track record shows that we have been successful in hundreds of cases
and have obtained some of the highest results in monetary damages awards in the
state of Florida.  We are prepared, willing and ready to work zealously and earnestly
to protect your legal rights and to obtain the best possible monetary award in light of
tragic circumstances.  If you give us that opportunity, we can promise that we can
give you 100% effort and dedication to your case.  
Our Experience
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